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Business Trophy

The Tournament consists of a qualification round and a final round with the best teams of the qualification round.

Depending on the number of participating teams, these teams will be split into 2 or 3 groups of different playing levels. The qualification round may thus be organised in such a way to guarantee - as far as possible - each player three individual matches against opponents with a similar playing level.

The Tournament will be played with teams composed of three players. A team may include any person over 16 years, performing his/her professional activity in the company having registered the team. In particular, a team may be set-up with players from different schools, medical centres, social organisations, etc., or with players from more smaller units of the same activity sector.

Business Trophy 2024

Qualifying stage:

14.05.2023 - Centre sportif, 13 Nacherwee, L-9644 Dahl

15.05.2023 - Centre sportif Niki Bettendorf, 4 beim Schlass, L-8058 Bertrange


Final stage:

05.05.2023 - Centre sportif Holleschbierg, Hesperange

Business Trophy 2023

Qualifying stage:

02.05.2023 - Centre sportif Holleschbierg, Hesperange

03.05.2023 - Centre sportif Op Acker, Bascharage


Final stage:

05.05.2023 - Centre sportif Niki Bettendorf (-1), Bertrange

Business Trophy 2017